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If adopting a pet is not possible, then consider a sponsorship to help provide medical care, food and shelter for our rescued animals. By providing these essentials, you are helping us ensure that all of our animals receive the proper care they deserve and are placed into good homes. To sponsor a pet, please call us today at 574-320-9823 or contact us online


Northern Box Company Provided financial support for the last 3 years





Faithful Friends Provided financial support and training

Business Partners

Nature’s Way Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc. has searched far and wide for amazing companies to partner with. Please browse through our list below of incredible companies who go way beyond the call of duty for their customers.

L.A.R.G.E. Rescue Glides L.A.R.G.E. stands for LARGE ANIMAL RESCUE GLIDE EQUIPMENT. We are a manufacturer of high quality Custom Rescue Glides. From the smallest to the largest animals, we will custom fit your GLIDE to your specific needs. Call today at 864-270-1344 or visit online at www.rescueglides.com.




Faithful Friends When the sad time comes to say goodbye to your faithful pet friend, you do have a choice. Our Pet After Care Services are designed to give you many dignified ways to say goodbye to your trusted pet friend. Say goodbye in your own loving and special way. Say thank you for the years of trust and companionship. Call today at 574.389.9900 (Toll Free: 877.981.9900) or visit online at www.faithfulpetfriends.com.




Häst Large Animal Rescue Equipment Häst is a professional service corporation dedicated to the needs of rescue personnel. While client driven, our top priority is safety, with ease of use being our second. During a rescue, failure of equipment is simply not an option. Much care and consideration has been given to every detail. And while we have established products, we constantly strive towards improvements on each and every detail. Interest in our products comes from all over the world. http://rescue.hastpsc.com



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Signet North America Signet North America is the internationally-renowned provider of all-hazards training and consulting services related to Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods Emergency Response, Incident Management, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Response Drills and Exercises, and other customized curricula meeting and exceeding internationally recognized standards and regulations.  We are absolutely committed to providing a dynamic educational experience that is relevant, interactive, and unforgettable, then bringing that experience to locations worldwide. www.signetnorthamerica.com




Spec Rescue

Spec Rescue offers a wide range of specialty services that are outside of rescue instructional and consulting arena. Here are some of the areas where we may be able to assist you.

  • Technical Rescue Training
  • Rescue Consulting Services
  • Rescue Equipment Sales
  • Standby Rescue Teams
  • Organization Planning and Risk Management
  • Remote Search Rescue Teams
  • Expert Witness and Case Review
  • Multimedia & Video Services


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