Nature’s Way Animal Emergency Response Team (A.E.R.T.)

Consists of a group of highly trained volunteers able to address animal-emergency situations. The team has been trained in animal emergency response, technical large animal rescue and animal decontamination. They are first responders called in times of city, county, and state emergencies to address animal issues.

TLAR (Technical Large Animal Rescue)

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Responding to large animals in emergency situations is complicated by their size and mentality. Special Equipment must be utilized to protect the victim from further injury.

Animal Decontamination

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Hazardous materials are all around us and we deal with them everyday. When an incident occurs and animals are exposed to hazardous materials they require decontamination to keep from becoming ill from the exposure or to keep them from exposing humans. A large amount of training and understanding of animal behavior has to occur for proper animal decontamination. Large animal decontamination is another area where intensive training occurs to make sure decontamination is done completely and safely.

Animal Emergency Sheltering

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In times of crisis such as natural disasters: tornadoes, floods, ice storms, or hurricanes, people become displaced and in need of temporary shelter. Our animals are no different. The Red Cross who so heroically meet our needs, cannot accept animals into their shelters. That is why we work in cooperation with them in establishing animal shelters so there is somewhere safe for all of our family members to go.


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As our population continues to grow, we encroach more and more into the habitats of our planet’s wildlife. We have to find a way to work together with them to maintain coexistence. Due to the loss of habitat and exposure to human development; accidents, injury and entrapment are becoming increasingly prevalent. Working with wildlife that is in a threatening situation can be very dangerous and should only be done by trained emergency responders to protect not only the animal but the rescuer.
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Nature’s Way is working diligently with your local communities, districts and the state of Indiana to develop a cohesive relationship between trained responders, volunteers and different levels of government. With this partnership, we can provide the best animal emergency response possible.