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Nature’s Way Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc offers an 8 hour Technical Large Animal Rescue Class for first responders and animal care professionals. The 8 hour class consists of morning lecture on the evolution of the National Response Framework, Animal Related ESFs, the PETs Act and the recent revision of NFPA standard 1670, to include Chapter 17 – Animal Technical Rescue. The challenges associated with large animal technical rescue are discussed at length. The behavior and mentality of large animals are explained with hands-on animal handling occurring in the afternoon. The 5 core techniques of technical large animal rescue (Forward Assist, Rear Drag, Vertical Lift, Rescue Glide and Containment Fencing) are discussed and the specific equipment used is explained in detail. We provide all contacts needed to acquire the equipment used in training. The afternoon session consists of hands-on practice of the 5 core techniques discussed in the lecture. Live horses and an equine mannequin are utilized to give the students the best learning environment possible.

A second 8 hour day of Advanced Technical Large Animal Rescue is offered to expand student’s capabilities to low angle rescue and mud rescue. More detailed animal handling is elaborated on and students gain more hands-on experience. Sample MOUs are distributed and discussed at length.

These classes prepare first responders to immediately return to their job and feel more confident and prepared to more appropriately respond to an incident involving large animals.