Animal Decontamination

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Nature’s Way Animal Response and Rehabilitation, Inc. offers a 16 hour Animal Decontamination Class for first responders and animal care professionals. The first day of class concentrates on small animal decon and consists of morning lecture on the evolution of the National Response Framework, Animal Related ESFs, the PETs Act and the recent revision of NFPA standard 1670, to include Chapter 17 – Animal Technical Rescue. Small animal behavior, mentality and handling is discussed at length. Specific operations for small animal decontamination are discussed in detail. The afternoon portion of class centers on hands-on scenarios and live dogs are used for students to get the maximum benefit from this class.

Day 2 concentrates on large animals and the added challenges that large animals bring to the animal decontamination operation. The afternoon session will again have hands-on scenarios with live horses for students to experience all aspect of large animal decontamination. Sample MOUs are distributed and discussed at length.

Prerequisite of Hazmat Awareness and Operations have to be met in order for students to attend these classes. At completion of this 16 hour class, students will have the basic knowledge they need to plan for a successful response to a hazmat incident involving animals.